Custom Floor Graphics

What We Do

Grow your business using custom advertising with our personalized vinyl floor decals.

Promote your products or beautify your business with our custom sized vinyl floor decals by Windows, Walls, Floors & Doors.

Affordable, durable, sealed and waterproof, our personalized decals stick to the ground of your business with beauty and resilience.

While brilliant for advertising, our products are also used for many more purposes including:

Sports affiliations
Special product and service promotions
Beauty and decoration
Wayfinding, or directions through your business
Warning signaling and hazard signage
Demarcation and designation of unique areas of the business
Ad push and Ad sales, etc.

Frequently asked questions:

How is the decal applied to the floor?

- with a special adhesive on the back, the decal will stick to almost any surface.

How long do they last?

-the adhesion is to be considered semi-permanent with regular tracks and use. Once applied, they are not meant to be removed and reapplied, as the bond is quite strong.

Is it slick to walk on?

-our protective laminate that will go on after application is designed to be nonslip, however, safety on wet floors is always encouraged.

Can I ever take it off?

- Yes of course. It can be peeled off with mild effort, then cleaned using a brush and general cleaner.