Why Wide Print Format Signs are Great for Your Brand

  • Author | Kris Tanner
  • Date | 6/9/2020 11:10 am
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Marketing messages saturate our world. Think about it; from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, you constantly see and process ads. Whether it be on social media, driving down the road, checking your email, or browsing the Internet, there are countless marketing messages aimed at holding your attention and catching your eye. In fact, we do not even remember all of the ads we encounter during a single day because we become numb to marketing messages. Basically, marketing efforts are losing their potency in a crowded market and companies find themselves needing to place extra importance on differentiating themselves among competitors. This means it is time for businesses that want to succeed to step up their marketing game on many fronts, but especially in branding. At WWFD, we specialize in all things branding. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your business’ marketing and printing needs, and we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. We want to tell you about the high success of companies who choose to use wide print format signs.


A way for you to differentiate your brand among competition is to have strong, quality graphics and signs that adequately portray your brand. A way to do so is to use wide print formatting signs. In case there is confusion over what wide print formatting is, it refers to printers with capabilities to produce high quality, large, images – ones you can hang on the side of a large building. You can print acrylics, posters, and really whatever else you can think of with wide format printers. But what is the value of using large print formatting signs? Wide print formatting allows your business to make an extraordinary marketing splash  Wide print format signs are massive. Because of their size, they make a mark in the minds of consumers; when you add quality and creativity to an already distinct and noticeable sign, customers will remember. Customers are more likely to turn a profit for a company if they actually remember and use a company’s services.


Wide print formatting shows professionalism! Not only do wide print format signs look amazing, but also they bring credibility to your brand. Consumers remember quality; however, as much as consumers remember the quality of branding and marketing materials companies’ produce, they also remember poor quality (which affects how they view your company – yikes!). This holds true of printing and design materials. Regular printers cannot handle every business’ printing needs, and if businesses desire to produce high-quality, large images, wide print formatting is the way to go because the quality is guaranteed. And ultimately, quality reflects the professionality of a business’s brand.


Maybe the next thing you need to enhance your business is a wide print format sign to make a memorable impact in your marketing efforts. WWFD offers printing services in Nashville, TN and our goal is to make all of your business’s printing and branding dreams a reality. Dream with us and send the go-ahead on ordering a wide print format sign for your business. It might just be the extra “umph” your company needs to stand out among a saturated market.