Why Outdoor Business Signs are a Great Investment - 5 Reasons

  • Author | Kris Tanner
  • Date | 2/27/2022 11:30 am
Outdoor business signs

Most any business can benefit from outdoor signage in various ways. It never hurts to present your message in several different ways, including on indoor and outdoor business signs because repetition is the key to getting more sales. Flag signs, sandwich boards, tension fabric, dimensional lettering, and tension fabric walls all have their uses. They all help to reinforce a brand and attract pedestrians. A commercial sign company will be able to offer some inexpensive outdoor advertising options.

1 – Inexpensive Advertising

You can put out a flag sign or sandwich board over and over once you pay for it. For recurring sales or specials, the return-on-investment of outdoor business signs is hard to beat especially if your business relies heavily on foot traffic. If you compare prices, you’ll find that running newspaper ads will cost more, and may not increase calls to your business or walk-in customers. Someone at a commercial sign company will be able to help you find the best options for your business.

2 - Powerful Driver of Foot Traffic

Many shoppers make their first trip into a business because of attractive and persuasive outdoor business signs. If you are new, or newly reopened, awesome outdoor signs might be even more important. According to research from signresearch.org, 20% of consumers report that the quality of the signs drew them into a new store. Make sure passers-by know about specials, lunch menus, new items or collections and so on. You can use different outdoor sign types based on the situation. A quick survey of your immediate surroundings should reveal several options for using signs to get attention from the parking lot, from a nearby street, or from the sidewalk.

3 - Cheap Boost to Brand Awareness

Signs obviously exist to share information, from the name of the business to the newest menu items or special deals. Those same signs can also reinforce your image in the minds of busy, distracted consumers. Outdoor signs can communicate that you are seasoned and dependable, fun, edgy, neighborly, socially conscious or just about anything else. These things can all be communicated with language, colors, and images. A commercial sign company will offer lots of sign and graphic options.

4 – Promotion Around the Clock

You don’t need billboards or illuminated monument signs to get attention. Vinyl window graphics and flexible banners hanging outside are easy enough for pedestrians to see. It doesn’t take expensive graphic design and advanced technology. A small sign that’s well designed will still attract attention and make a positive impression. Include a QR code on that banner or wall or window graphic, so you can offer coupons or special deals, capture email addresses, and cultivate relationships with customers.

5 - Flexible Marketing at Reasonable Prices

Outdoor business signs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which means you can buy signs at a wide range of price points to fit your budget. Those outdoor flags, boards, and banners can share and reinforce a marketing message from your website or grab attention on a busy holiday weekend. Put a flag or two outside to get attention. Add a sandwich board to call out a sale or a holiday discount, or just about anything else. Flexibility is another reason why outdoor signage makes all kinds of sense.

Outdoor Business Signs Make All Kinds of Sense

Most any business can use one or two of our outdoor business signs to create brand awareness, attract pedestrians and advertise their products or services. At Windows, Walls, Floors & Doors we take pride in delighting clients at all phases of a project from initial meeting to delivery or installation. Contact us via our website today so we can discuss your business signage needs soon.