Use Branded Environments As A Tool

  • Author | Kris Tanner
  • Date | 4/2/2020 10:30 am
Murals Bring Customers and Employees Together

Most all businesses understand how important a great logo and website are but forget how the appearance of a generic office or uninspiring meeting place can affect the overall perception of both staff and customers. 

A properly branded environment is a fantastic tool to communicate your company mission and identity through the design and layout of a physical location. A critical part of building strong brand awareness is to align all aspects of your business and introducing specific, key elements of your branding to the space provides a powerful experience for both customers and employees.


Who Uses Branded Environments?

It’s not only corporate businesses that can make use of, and benefit from a properly branded environment. All manner of organizations can utilize custom designs:

Schools, Colleges & Universities – Transform any corridor, classroom, lecture theatre, common room or staff room.

Service Providers – Hospitals, libraries, health centers and public offices all utilize different spaces and surfaces to reinforce relevant information about the services and facilities available.

Businesses from Every Sector – Make offices, warehouses, receptions or meeting rooms engaging, interesting places to be, while showcasing your organization’s identity.


Why Use Branded Environments?

Help employees, customers and management understand your business.

Unify organization culture – especially in organizations where there are multiple locations or buildings.

Showcase logo and company values with strategically placed graphics – these can be on wall spaces, windows or as stand-alone features.

Better morale – Boost the atmosphere of a staff room or seating area – branded environments offer an opportunity to inform, engage and entertain in areas where people congregate and may be in that space for a while.


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