Top 4 Types of Indoor and Outdoor Business Signs (You Can Create)

  • Author | Kris Tanner
  • Date | 2/6/2022 9:00 am
Outdoor business signage

Indoor and outdoor business signs have a wide range of uses besides the obvious advertising use. If you want to promote a service or product, make an announcement, or draw customers’ attention to a certain place inside your store, you use various signs. Any type of sign can perform two functions – create or reinforce your brand image, and communicate information. Some signs can readily perform several marketing functions. What are the most versatile types of business signs?

Outdoor Signs with 3D Lettering

Anything you put on outdoor business signs will look better in three-dimensional lettering. Windows, Walls, Floors & Doors can add backlighting to make the sign more eye-catching. You can use them to identify your business, but that’s not all. Three-dimensional custom logo signs can reflect just about any brand identity from the most conservative and traditional to the most innovative and edgy brand. This is possible because we can make the signs using a variety of materials and in almost any font.

Floor Graphics 

This might be the best medium for indoor business signs. Floor graphics might be the most underappreciated indoor business signs. In any retail establishment or indoor mall, you can use floor graphics in several ways. Advertise seasonal deals or special events, highlight a new product line, direct guests to a certain section of the store. If a business has a kiosk inside your store, point customers in their direction. Direct customers to restrooms, layaway, or customer service. Floor graphics are mostly indoor signs, but you can also use one just outside the door to advertise a service or share a brand-related message like a slogan.

Easels and Posters

You sometimes encounter these signs outside clothing stores, gift shops, and restaurants. They are mostly for indoor advertising and offer great versatility for a couple of reasons. Use a 24” x 36” board to advertise a holiday special, promote a clearance sale, or communicate a holiday message. You can use this advertising tactic inside almost any medium or large retail space. A small store can put out their easel and sign to draw a pedestrian’s eye.

Window Graphics

These may deserve first place just because of how easy they are to use. If you sell products from several vendors your customers would know, use window graphics to let people know. If you are on social media, mention the URLs or usernames on a window graphic. Post your operating hours with an attractive and affordable sign. 

Trust Us for Indoor and Outdoor Business Signs

Any business that needs to attract the attention of drivers or pedestrians can benefit from one or more of these four versatile sign types, all of which Windows, Walls, Floors & Doors can provide. We pride ourselves on offering top-notch customer care from initial consultation to delivery of the finished product. Contact us to talk about your signage needs and request a quote today.