Pre-Meeting Checklist for Creating Your New Environment

  • Author | Kris Tanner
  • Date | 5/4/2020 8:00 am

Creating an immersive and cohesive environment for your business is a complex process.  Even if you are just doing a single wall graphic, there are a few items you should have at-the-ready before we get started.

1.) Your Logo - It seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many businesses do not have “original art” versions of their logo.  A screen grab from your website, or a low-res version you use in an e-mail signature is not what you want us to blow up to a large wall graphic, dimensional sign or decal.  Find a copy of the original design files before we meet and the design and production process will go much quicker.

2.) Your Colors - There are 2,678 solid colors in the Pantone Matching System used to specifically define a color for printing.  Knowing exactly what your colors are will help you avoid  “that looks a little darker than what we currently use” and will help avoid costly reprints and additional design time.

3.) Your Floor Plan - This is likely the most difficult to come up with, but if we are helping you create a total branded environment for your business it will be key not only for layout and dimensions, but for also seeing the “bigger picture” of the sight-lines and flow of your space.  If you lease your space your landlord will likely have a copy.  Worst case scenario, you can sketch one up using “shapes” in programs like PowerPoint or Keynote.  Just try and keep it to scale the best you can.

4.) Dimensions - Don’t assume any floor plan you are able to locate is 100% correct.  Review any measurements on it closely and make sure they reflect the actual dimensions.  Also, run a tape measure up the wall in a few places.  If we are doing floor to ceiling graphics for you that will be important for pricing and design.  

Having these 4 things at the ready when you prepare to get your branded environment project started will make this process much more enjoyable in the long run.  Are you ready?  Contact us as to get started!