Planning Your Comeback

  • Author | Kris Tanner
  • Date | 4/7/2020 10:00 am
Signs, Decal and Murals

Ask any business owner what they have experienced in the past weeks due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and most responses can be categorized with one word… grief.  Grief over the slowdown in business.  Grief for the impact on their employees.  Grief for seeing our thriving city shut its doors and stay “Safer At Home”.  

As we start to see small but significant improvements in the COVID-19 impact forecast for Tennessee, it’s time to accept what has happened and prepare to restart your business.

Will business look the same?  The simple answer is “no”.  Human nature will create an inherent need to go back out and engage in commerce but not in the same way we did just a few weeks ago.  Social Distancing, while not as extreme as “Safer At Home”, will become part of every day life for years to come.  Businesses that once welcomed customers through their doors will find themselves reevaluating every level of customer interaction.  A clean environment, contactless payment and delivery and more spacious aisles and common areas will all become the new norm no longer reserved for the likes of the Apple Store.

While you may already have a plan for your comeback and how you will implement the changes needed to make customers feel safe and welcome, have you prepared to let them know about your efforts?  After being hunkered down for weeks, people will be focused on the actions of people around them.  You will need visuals in place to highlight the changes you have made (or already had and just never needed to point them out) to reduce their anxiety and ensure them that your business is doing its part to keep them safe.

If you haven’t taken time already, now is the time to put on the customers shoes, use your imagination and experience your business.  From the parking lot to payment and every step in between, visualize the customer experience and see what needs to change or be created anew:

  • Signage welcoming customers back
  • Floor decals showing safe distances in self-serve and checkout lines
  • Wall murals and decals to improve the visual experience
  • For restaurants, disposable or durable media menu alternatives 
  • For packaged goods businesses, labeling highlighting low-contact packaging
  • New / improved signage for your new or updated curbside pick-up experience

Your team at Windows, Walls, Floors and Doors are ready to walk you through the process.  Our customer consultants and designers are here to not only help you prepare for your comeback, but to do so in the most cost effective way possible.  Set up a consult today by emailing . We may be working from home like most these days, but our production team continues to keep the presses running at the shop and we are ready to help make your comeback!