How to Get Creative Sign Ideas for Any Business

  • Author | Kris Tanner
  • Date | 3/21/2022 10:10 am
Creative Signs Idea

Floor graphics, window graphics, banners, billboards, vehicle graphics, murals, point-of-purchase signs. Do a quick search online and you’ll find examples of how each of these ideas can be used in a business like yours. Some of the ideas might end up being DIY projects, but most will need the services of a commercial sign company. Not only can you find creative alternatives to signs you have now, but you can also find new ways to use signs inside and outside. Business signs advertise, but they also promote brand awareness, establish your identity, and remind people that you have the products or services they needed.


Opportunities Outside Your Business

Look for opportunities outside the business. A commercial sign business can design and produce banners, flags, sandwich board signs, 3-D exterior signs, and window graphics that can achieve one or more of the usual signage goals at the same time:

  • Establish or promote your brand, or help you rebrand with new colors, fonts, images
  • Advertise special deals and promotions
  • Draw attention to services or products

In the last case, say you’ve launched a new product or service and want to be sure people know. You’ve never used sandwich board advertising before, but you are in a place with lots of foot traffic. Once customers are inside the business you want to direct them here or there and draw their attention to sale items, among other things.

Opportunities Inside Your Business

Similar rules or guidelines apply once a potential customer enters your business. You may have signs that identify departments or direct visitors to the restroom. You’ll have some promotional signs too. But, are you missing out on opportunities to reinforce your brand identity, make sales, or acquire new clients. The possibilities depend on the type of business, but almost any business owner can see opportunities to use signs creatively. Do a little research on creative sign ideas for businesses like yours. You’ll get better results if you focus on businesses like yours. Bring one or two ideas to a commercial sign company and have them make it. Or, hold off and ask some “creative thinking” questions about using various types of signs.

Ask Creative Questions - Here are some questions you ask to make sure you haven’t overlooked an opportunity:

  • What could I be selling something at the register or front desk with a sign?
  • What could you promote with a banner?
  • Where could I use vinyl floor graphics to guide people to items with a high mark-up, high margin, or high turnover?
  • Is there something I should be advertising outside with a “sandwich board” sign or banner?
  • Are you missing any opportunities to sell using window graphics?
  • Is there a place where you could use a wall mural to communicate a brand message?
  • What could you advertise with a car decal?
  • How can I catch a pedestrian’s eye and make them consider coming inside?
  • Where can I put my unique selling proposition on a sign that lots of potential customers will see it?

If you think about opportunities to promote your business and drive sales through creative indoor and outdoor signs, you’ll find some valuable new ideas. The only question left is this – Which ideas will you use? Depending on the complexity of those winning ideas, you may want to create your own signs, but you probably want to hire a commercial sign company.

Trust Your Creative Marketing to Business Sign Experts

Did those creative questions lead to any promising ideas? Did your review of the business inside and out yield any interesting possibilities? If the answer is ‘yes’ to either question, you may need a commercial sign company. Whether you want something super creative or just standard new signage for your business, Windows, Walls, Floors, and Doors is ready to go to work. Please contact us to learn more about our comprehensive approach to designing and installing impactful business signs.